acolumbine: old site about the columbine massacre, has a lot of information and things that came out the same year as the massacre.

dissolved girl: sol pais' site

poochee and pansy: a arg a puzzle game

run the gauntlet: [TW: NSFW, GORE]

andrew blaze's channel: randy stair's channel (aka andrew blaze)

the everlasting contrast: another blog about the columbine massacre, I highly recommend this girl's research! she has very good information and solves a lot of doubts in her FAQ.

bathe in my milk:

fuckinnefor: the academy maniacs youtube channel

unabomber's manifesto: or ted kaczynski's manifesto
yyyyyyy: [TW: EPILEPSIA] [TW: NSFW, GORE] discretion is advised, I like to collect creepy sites.

zombiebeatz2000: hikichan's youtube channel!

nicole dollanganger: a video of nicole answering questions

dylan klebold's love letter:
dylan klebold wrote a love letter to the girl he was in love with, it is both romantic and sad.